Are you looking for a weekend gateway this holiday season? Well, what better way to spend the holidays than in the lap of nature! Wake up to the spectacular view of the farms, to cows mooing and hens cluck in the distance. Explore the countryside in all its wilderness and wonder. Hop on a tractor and get on the fields to see how crops are cultivated. At the family farms at Citrus Countryside, you can experience all that and more.

Here are some of the amazing things that you can do here at Countryside family Farms:

1. Welcome Autumn with the Fall Festival:

At the Countryside family, guests can welcome autumn in all its splendour and ripeness. The farms are situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city and thus are a welcome change from the stuffiness of multi-stored buildings and giant flyovers. Instead, here you can find clear blue skies and bright sunflower gardens to greet you every morning. The Fall Festival starts in the month of September and continues well into November. There are pumpkin patches, gardens, rides and an animal farm where you can spend your time experiencing the best of farm life.


2. Exploring the family farms:

The corn maze is perhaps the biggest attraction here at the Countryside family farms. Strategically set in the middle of the farmland, the maze stretches out for acres and is full of challenging obstacles and puzzles. It would take about an hour for an adult to complete the maze and find his way out. Kids can check out the smaller mini version of the family farms that is situated nearby.

3. Fun Rides and Exciting Trips:

Other than that there are also a wide range of activities lined up for kids and adults alike. The joy rides are exciting and exhilarating. There are swings and slides and train rides and a bouncy castle where children can play (under adult supervision). The animal farms nearby are also open to families, with a local caretaker and guide to explain the different aspects of the farm life as well.


Countryside family farms also organises field trips and excursions for kids. The organisers have arranged for activities like summer workshops, demonstrations, Fall programs to teach the kids about agriculture and rearing animals.

4. Scrumptious and Healthy Meals:

Families can bring their own food and have a picnic of sorts at the picnic tables by the parking lot. No food is allowed inside the farms. In case you want to eat in-between the rides or the field trips, you can get organic and fresh food packets and drinks at the food counter.


5. Wrap Up Your Day by the Campfire:

After all the fun and the frolicking, families can huddle around and enjoy marshmallows and hot chocolate by the campfires to wrap up the perfect day out. The campfires and sitting areas are big enough to accommodate large groups. Any additional food or firewood costs extra.

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